Some of the Little Known USB Products

22 Oct

When we hear of USB products, by and large we tend to think of some of the most common gadgets that we connect to our computers such as flash drives and the USB cables. However, the reality is that that USB port on your computer is not just meant for use in connecting these flash drives and USB cables. Your USB ports can as well be used to power some of the mini gadgets such as mug warmers and the mini sewing machines, mini washing machines and lots of other interesting USB powered devices.

Read on in this post and see some of the rather unusual gadgets that you can actually power using your USB ports on your PC. As much as they may appear and sound inventions that make no sense, the fact is that when it comes those times when you are in dire need, you will actually get to appreciate the essence of these particular devices.

One of these is the head massager. This is a massager helmet that does vibrate and as it does this, it gets to massage different parts and areas of your head. The vibration intensity and the size of the helmet are actually adjustable and as such they can actually be resized to fit your specifications. The helmet is as well comfortable enough on your head as it is light enough to sit thereon. It is however only meant for some light massage as it is not as powerful enough to do you a thorough massage as is achieved by a massage machine proper. To know more ideas on how to select the best technology, visit

USB ports on your PC can as well be used to power an invention of the mini fridge. And just as the head massage machine, the mini fridge can only be as powerful as to chill a little amount of drink and only chill but not frost it. Get more info here!

One other common USB product that you can use is the USB mosquito repellent. This is yet another of the handy USB powered products. It is so effective at ensuring that your work session is as mosquito free as you wish. It has a wide slot where you can place the mosquito repellent mat and as such have them connected to any device with a USB slot. Be sure to learn more here!

Know as well of the existence of the mini desktop washing machine. This device can be powered using the USB ports or AAA batteries and is so effective at cleaning some of the small objects and gadgets such as glasses, waterproof watches and keys.

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